Academic Units

For advising and internship questions, please call your academic unit at the main number listed below and they will direct you to the appropriate person.

Academic UnitLocationPhoneFaxEmail
Construction Management102 Guggenheim(970) 491-7353 (970)
Design and Merchandising150 Aylesworth(970) 491-1629 (970)
Food Science and Human Nutrition234 Gifford(970) 491-3663 (970)
Health and Exercise Science220 Moby B Complex(970) 491-5081 (970)
Human Development and Family Studies303 Behavioral Sciences Building(970) 491-5558 (970)
Occupational Therapy219 Occupational Therapy(970) 491-6253 (970)
School of Education209 Education(970) 491-6317 (970)
School of Social Work127 Education(970) 491-6612 (970)